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Dental Nurse Appraisal – Decontamination of instruments

Effective decontamination of instruments is a key element of infection control which is highlighted by the GDC as a core subject for CPD. By undertaking this simple appraisal and acquiring essential knowledge through some of the links we provide, your practice can provide evidence for CQC compliance and offer free verifiable CPD for dental nurses.

Activity Suitable For:

  • Dental Nurses |
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Infection control


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This activity has been separated into the four tabbed sections listed above:

  • The activity details can be downloaded from the bottom of this section.
  • Related Information: provides information related to this activity on other websites and documents you can download.
  • Certification: provides guidance for Practice Managers on how to offer verifiable CPD in your practice and issue certificates for this activity.
  • Shared Links: provides answers to FAQ’s and offers further information related to work based CPD.

(Suggested Verifiable Hours for this Activity: 1 Hour)

How do I carry out this activity?

Download: Dental Nurse Appraisal - Decontamination

Practice Manager / Provider Information


To offer this as a verifiable CPD activity for your staff please complete the following:

  • Login and enter the title for the certificate: Dental Nurse Appraisal - Decontamination of instruments.
  • Enter the verifiable CPD hours for this activity. (Suggested time of 1 hour)
  • Dental Nurse(s) need to participate in the appraisal and demonstrate an understanding of the essential facts.
  • Issue certificates using their GDC numbers when they have completed the activity.


Practice Manager / Provider FAQ's

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